BST Connect CRM System is a Project for the fulfillment of the Information Technology program. It is a Customer Relationship Management System tailor-made for the needs and specifications of our host company.
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 A Customer Relationship Management System for Blaise-Scientific Trading.

This is a capstone project required for the fulfillment of the Information Technology program at STI College – Munoz EDSA.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System is a software for managing one’s company’s relationship and interactions with the current and potential customers.

After conducting a series of interviews and observations with the host company, We found some of the internal processes flawed and problematic thus giving them redundant results and prolonging their processes. We aimed to solve it by developing a sustainable, scalable, and easy-to-use Customer Relationship Management System where the goals of the company can be measured so that they know when they have achieved success.

Through the proposed system the existing and potential customers will be able to view the products and their details and can communicate with sales personnel through live chat, they can also get an automated quotation based on the products that they choose and lastly, they will be able to pay with the use of a Payment Gateway. The host company’s management will be able to look at the company’s record and will also be able to see what a buyer has been buying, they can then deduce what they are likely to buy again, increasing their chances of sales success and thereby increasing company profits. It will also help them to monitor the conversion of leads into sales opportunities using the Project Bank.

We made the UI responsive so it is accessible through any type of device and is able to complete a transaction. We also used and implemented several technologies that would make the proposed system up-to-date with the current trends and technologies on web development.

My Role in a Team of 4 persons.

Me as a web designer by profession before I even took the Capstone Project, was tasked to develop the UI/UX, and the Front-end of the system and did the documentation. For me, doing this capstone project and programming the front-end of the system has been both difficult and fun to do, it has also been a very interesting experience, especially the understanding of how the business work in the real world.

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The Product Selection Page

We have made two separate product selection, one is accessible by the guest at the home-page and the other one is only accessible on the admin by the sign-in users.

The Invoice Page

The Product Quotation Page

The Checkout Page

The Customer Info

Add Products Page

Adding product from the admin.

The Leads Page

The list of customers who visited from email campaigns and ads executed through google ad placement or through social media. They could also be the ones who did sign-up but not completed the ordering process.

The Transaction Reports

The Presentation Website

I have made the presentation a website too, so it can be readily available anytime, anywhere.

View it live:

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